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Nicolas Rocque

It feels like just yesterday that my place was confirmed for the games course here, the cliché “time goes by fast when you’re having fun” well it’s true in my case. The moments of worry were replaced with curiosity and an almost instinctive need to strive for excellence. I think I don’t yet fully understand the depth of the importance these three years have given me. Constantly pushing us to ask questions and to fail again and again in order to grow as individuals and as artists.

The guest lecturers, informative seminar which push you to look at different paths which ultimately define who you are, help forge your artistic identity and uniqueness. The one on one discussions with our tutors, I’ve been shown that if I risk more; push beyond my boundaries yes I might fail but what I get from that experience is worth it. For me that experience was in the form of an internship. I was fortunate enough to garner experience at Wargaming Europe SAS. This was my first experience of the industry which I have wanted to join since I was a kid.

I will cherish those two weeks for the connections I’ve made, the confidence and trust that was placed in me but more importantly the realisation that: yes this is what I want to do. As I leave NUA, I will continue to sharpen my skills as a 3d environment artist and apply to studios.





Brandon Toop