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Nicole Tunningley

I initially decided to do my degree in Games Art and Design at NUA as it enabled me to learn concept art, 3D modelling and indie development all in one year and then specialize. This worked for me as I wanted to get a feel for all the different aspects of the industry so that I may pursue a career where I am comfortable with the knowledge I have learnt. ​

For the next two years I specialized in game design and creation, particularly regarding games with puzzle mechanics, dialogue and item/inventory systems. I also frequently made my own narratives, 2D assets, UI and sounds to embellish it.

I am currently working on ‘Studio Love!’ an episodic, anime-style dating game in a team. We have shown the game at NGF, got some great feedback and intend to develop the game further post-grad. Meanwhile I have applied to internships and part-time jobs to gain financial stability for developing and exhibiting our game.





Mobile: 07919227970

Brandon Toop