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Rebecca Saunders

When I started at NUA, I knew I wanted to work in games but I was unsure about exactly what role(s) I was interested in, or what my long-term career goal was. Over the course of my degree, I have developed my skills and discovered what I am truly passionate about. Out of concept art, 3D asset production and indie development, I chose to study indie development which has allowed me to learn the logic behind game design, as well as how to create enjoyable and meaningful experiences for the player.

My long-term career goal is to become a producer at a game studio, which will allow me to take a hands-on role with the development of the games I will be working on, and oversee the development cycle from start to finish, keeping the team motivated and organised and ensuring the game gets finished on time and to the best possible quality.​​

The images and video above are from my final project – “Incaendium” – a 2D endless runner game in which you play as a deer trying to escape from a blazing wildfire. This was a collaboration between myself and my friend, Grace Collas (I did the game development and she did the artwork.)


Video of work:






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