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Reka Cserpan

I arrived at NUA as a traditional painter, with the intent to learn digital painting. I learned to use software that gave me an opportunity to push my creativity to a new level. I started to develop an interest in character design and took life drawing and wax anatomy lessons to further develop my skills. I specialized in concept art, mainly focusing on character design. My work shows elegant approaches and beautiful designs, vivid colour usage and well-executed linework, which I am really proud of. After three years, I decided to do illustration, both digital and traditional, researching a way to represent these two medium together. I believe art is a conversation between the artist and the audience, the channel is the artwork. The medium of the channel doesn’t matter, as long as it empowers the dialogue. Art comes in every form and shape like us and is beautiful for what it achieves. As an artist, I want to focus on creative design that makes people wonder.

I am open to relocating and any kind of work that I feel will challenge me creatively. I am looking forward to any role I can further develop my skills and learn new ones, whether that is in the games industry or as a freelance commercial artist.





Mobile: 07982978118

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