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Robin Paine

During my time at NUA, I’ve been able to look at my work and the way I work in a critical manner. Having that insight, as well as the tools provided by the university, has allowed me to hone my methods as well as explore new ways of working.
When I started, I was dead set on concept art and character design, and they are still fields I would very much like to enter in to; the featured works being examples of this. But I have also been introduced to UI Design and environment art and consider those fields I would be open to working in.

The two human images were produced in separate projects prior to my FMP. The sitting character is representative of my traditional workflow including rigid focus on a skeletal frame and comic-style line work, while the re-design of D’arci Stern from Urban Chaos is the result of the use of silhouettes and gradient maps in a more painterly style that was experimental to me.

The two alien creatures are from my Final Major project entitled “Gale”; a self-led speculative look at a prehistoric martian ecosystem. The work is a result of refining the silhouette method shown in the previous piece of D’arci Stern.





Kira-Nerys Sugden