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Sadie Knowles

During my three years at NUA, I have grown as an artist and enjoyed working around others who share similar interests. My main goal before starting the course was to develop my 2D character skills and become a character artist within the games industry either at a small or large company.

During my practice I found a passion for 3D character design especially using the 3D sculpting program Z Brush. I also gained a keen interest in UI design during my time at NUA. I intent to develop my work and further my skills to build my portfolio.

During my last few weeks at NUA, I applied for a job as a QA tester for Rockstar games. I was offered the position. I believe this will be a great way for me to network within the industry and to increase my knowledge and skills for progression, which I hope will lead to an artist role later in the future.




Elizabeth Starling