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Scott Colverson


I am a 3D artist with a love for Sci-Fi and just creating and breathing life into ideas. My passion for designing and enormous interest in games has got me this far through life to this degree. This degree course has opened my mind up to the games industry and art and the possibilities it holds for me as an artist and takes me to places that I aim to get to like AAA games companies that create giant vast worlds that are brimming with creative love and passion.

My time at NUA has been leaps and bounds, I came in as a traditional artist and then I found 3D modelling tools and software to create anything I could imagine. It motivates me every day to strive to the best of my abilities and aim to be as professional as so many people that are in the gaming industry.

My final year projects were me looking further into my interest as a starting environment artist as a job. I created two pieces of work that I am truly proud of and hope to learn so incredibly much more going into the future as a 3D artist.

Please check out more work below through my social links and do follow me and even get in touch!

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