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Simeon Donchev

When I realised I could combine my two favourite hobbies (drawing and gaming) I saved money and moved to the UK from Bulgaria to study at NUA. I spent the following years expanding my knowledge and passion for 3D which has been both challenging and rewarding. I enjoy creating both organic and hard surface props and have developed a solid understanding of artistic principles for designing environments, procedural PBR material creation, and low to high poly workflow for game ready assets.

Curiosity often gets the better of me, and as a result, I’m always searching for new things to experiment with, or opportunities to move out of my comfort zone. Over the last few years I’ve expanded my knowledge on other creative processes like photography and graphic design, which has naturally strengthened my game development skills. Recently I received a ‘One to Watch’ award from the Grads in Games environment art challenge and after I submitted my final major project for The Rookies Awards it received the ‘Draft Selection’ badge from the judges (finalists are announced on the 28th of June).

I’m currently looking for an internship or junior position as an environment artist (I am willing to relocate internationally).

If you want to see more of my work, check out the link below : )




Mobile: 07858036464

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