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Vincent Aquilina

My Projects throughout the course have consisted on trying to apply myself to as many styles as possible in order to showcase quick adaptability. Whether it be painterly expression, replication or uniquely designed assets & rendering stylisations based on High Fantasy MMORPG’s I play like World of Warcraft, Guild Wars 2 or FFXIVs, or heavily stylized Illustrations. I am incredibly galvanized to develop my craft alongside experienced artists within the Video Game industry and contribute to this still very youthful and burgeoning form of entertainment.

For my most recent project I did a female knight which was meant to captivate a European royal display mixed with Vampiric themes of pale skin, cold eyes and blood magic; coupled with a Male draped in robes with an Oni skin mask which is meant to encapsulate a sense Japanese mysticism when incorporated to the colourful lake he stands in.



Jack Lennon